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Coverage: Breakage/Sudden Chemical Damage to commercial glass of buildings: storefronts, strip malls, shopping malls, high traffic areas of school buildings, and similar exposures.
Allowances for glass frame damage, boardup costs, security, and obstruction removal. Optional extended supplemental coverage is available.
Perils Included:
Coverage included at no extra cost:
Hurricane & wind
Flood damage.
Forms of Coverage: First dollar coverage;
Per-occurrence deductible
Annual retention
; and
coverage (pays half the loss per occurrence).
Benefits of this policy: Supplement Your Insureds' Commercial Package (BOP) Policy so They Use it Only When They Really Need it. Get first dollar (or low deductible) coverage for glass breakage. No risk of premium increase or non-renewal on the BOP. Insureds can save their BOP coverage for large claims.

24/7 Boardup and Glass Replacement Service (call us at 877-SHATTER). We actually replace the glass for your insureds with like kind and quality. Many package policies have no glass coverage at all.

No extra charge or special deductible for catastrophic losses. Unlike BOP policies, our glass policy coverage does not change for wind storms or earthquakes.

Real Glass Coverage for Commercial Tenants. Glass policies provide coverage for storefront tenants who are required to obtain their own glass insurance under their lease.

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